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Live Bingocams is NOW live in the United Kingdom

Play Now! is the place to enjoy your bingo game.

• Direct contact with your friends by playing online bingocams

• Talk with your bingo friends on the webcam during the game

• Meet new friends and keep in touch by adding them.

• Participation in large bingo tournaments

• Talk with your bingo friends in chat rooms or go to a private chat room

Online bingo
Bingocams is becoming a popular game in the UK. Besides the well known bingo game, the bingo players are now playing bingo in an interactive way. Apart from the chat feature during the bingo game, one can also turn the webcams to see the other players.
The game bingocams is played with ninety `Camballs`. But before a person can play, he or she has to make free account first and then login.

Choice for Bingo Room
Choose a room with many players and high bets. Switch between rooms by clicking on other rooms.

Live Chat
If you choose for a private chat room, you may talk to three bingo fans (max) at the same time. Marking your bingocard is done automatically by the system, so you are always aware of the prizes that will win. This is really fun! Try it out and meet new people with similar interests!

Live congratulations!
Once a player has a full bingo card, the webcam will show you on the screen so that other bingocam players can enjoy with you and congratulate you!

Chat hosts
People who work at Bingocams monitoring the bingo chat rooms. They also answer all questions and monitoring that the nice atmosphere is not ruined. Excellent! The presence of the hosts are done by Part-timers and Full timers.
Bingocams and progressive jackpots
Players at the Bingocams can also choose the “Room Jackpot” which contains progressive jackpots what can cause a lot of sensation.

If you sign up now, you immediately get a bonus of £2 to your account.

One should before starting the game buy bingocards. Upgrading the account:
2 – Creditcard
3 – Upgrade by phone

The rules must be respected in the bingo chat rooms, otherwise the access for players will be denied to the website.
– Unauthorized images shown or such requests done from the webcam.
– Improper language will not be tolerated.
– “spaming” others bingo players is strictly prohibited.
– Aggressive behavior is not tolerated.
– Do not express Complaints and comments in the chat rooms but chat to the chat hosts

We offer the players of bingocams the best and most secure sites where you can play at a top level. The payments can be done with most secure payment companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal. You can start to play immediately without downloading.

Jackpots with bingocams

Progressive Jackpots
A piece of the price of the bingo card is usually put aside for this jackpot. The Progressive Jackpot is not tied to a maximum.

Bing bang Progressive Jackpot
The progressive jackpot is in every bingoroom available. The jackpot is usually huge.

Win the Bubblegum Jackpot?
Forty or less balls marked and you have a full card. The you win the jackpot! The low prices and high number of players in this room is a good start.

Win the Celebrity Jackpot?
Forty or less balls marked and you have a full card. The you win the jackpot! The higher prices and high number of players in this room is gives a bigger jackpot.

Win the Jackpot Hollywood?
Forty or less balls marked and you have a full card. The you win the jackpot! In this room are more experienced players active.

Win the Las Vegas Jackpot?
Just try it now. The biggest jackpot. The super Jackpot!

Status of a player
The Bingo Player who plays Online bingo games frequently, can achieve a higher status. This gives the bingo players different privileges.

Overview status
1 line = One point
2 lines = Twee points
Full card = Five points
Room jackot = Thirty points
Progressive jackpot = 100 points
If enough points achieved. See below for how many points a player need to obtain a certain status.

Bronze 1 = 0-100 points
Bronze 2 = 101-200 points
Bronze 3 = 201-300 points
Silver 1 = 301-1000 points
Silver 2 = 1001-1700 points
Silver 3 = 1701-2500 points
Gold 1 = 2501-5000 points
Gold 2 = 5001-7500 points
Gold 3 = 7500+ points