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Online Bingo Cams: Frequently Asked Questions !

Question: I start Bingo Cams and I only see a black screen ?
Answer: Points that one should check first are:
– The latest version of Adobe Flash Player must be active. If this is not the case, like to quickly download the Adobe website ( This will not take so long. After installation, restart like the bingo application. If a firewall is present whether one uses a proxy connection, it may be that this causes problems when restarting. Check the configuration of the firewall and proxy. * A resource swf file needs to access.

Question: Are multiple accounts possible?
Answer: It is forbidden to register a family structure more than 1 time. Should this not be the case, we are required to block a payment of a price.

Question: I want to buy my mobile credit ?
Answer: Click on “Checkout” you see right. Then you will find a menu here. “Buy” click and you see on your monitor “buy extra credits”.

Question: Is anonymous call a problem ?
Answer: Our preference is that you are calling anonymously. When potential problems with purchasing credits you are not a trace and the helpdesk can always trace to whom the credit should go destined to go. Everything is naturally handled in good faith.

Question: Can I use my IDEAL volume recharge ?
Answer: Yes, it’s even the best way to increase the credit. Click “checkout” you see right. Then you will find a menu here. “Buy” and then click “online banking” tab, tap. The rest speaks for itself.
Note here: When IDEAL do follow all the points and close in a normal way. This ensures that the payment is processed faster.

Question: Why do I need to supply more information than just my bank account if I want to cash out ?
Answer: Quite simply, the system is legally arranged.

Question: Is there a limit on how often I can participate ?
Answer: No, but one should show no disproportionate actions. this the player will be notified by us on his play behavior.

Question: Numbers on the purchased card I can see bad .
Answer: The size of the letters can be set by right corner of a plus or minus button.

Question: I would cross off my figure but I can not !
Answer: Bingo Cams do it yourself for the participant. This is the pleasant conversations not to break down and also because it figures may miss. Bingo participant

Question: Sound is really limited, how can I put it louder ?
Answer: At the bottom of the screen is a speaker with which one can set the configuration of the sound.

Question: What the price of a card ?
Answer: Each room has a different configuration, so it is useful to see the cream site. Here you’ll find everything at a glance.

Question: If my PC crashes during the game then what ?
Answer: Absolutely nothing wrong with regard to the balance on the accounts and the credits accumulated during the game. Next game they simply present again.

Question: Why do I get paid only 50% of the pot ?
Answer: There are probably more people who have a bingo. In this case, another player who has bingo.

Question: I want a new password .
Answer: Click on the screen “forgot password” button and then enter your address and get a new password in the mail.